tisdag 30 september 2014

22. The "While Doing it"-process part 1

1. Come and pull out the tooth.  2 Never! Go to a dentist!
3. Get dad! 4. He has to pull it out,
I really dont why, but I am very interested in the process of creating. Often this can be disturbing and annoying but it´s hard to get rid of these thoughts.
Some things when you do them you must be very focused otherwise there will be no result. When writing a story you must be in that story to be able to write.
But some things in creating has a more relaxed but still focused process, like inking and painting your artwork.
I might be right or wrong. I will present some ideas about the "While Doing it"-process in my next posts here. And It will be interesting to hear about how you think or if my ideas are just madness.

tisdag 23 september 2014

21. Plan it right or get it right?

1. Hasse!   2. What is dad doing?  3. Dad is in the basement peeling apples.
Hi there.
I will do my best to get started again with the work on my graphic novel and post more regular on this blogg.
( Wish me good luck)

An illustrator friend talked about his workflow when making an image. He said that he prepared everything very careful from sketch final image. So the result was one image that he had full control over and made it perfect.
He compared it with another illustrator who maybe did 4-5 different images from one idea and then picked the best as her choice.
I think it´s interesting to hear about how  different the creative roads are for artists.
I will probably talk more about that in this blogg.