tisdag 30 september 2014

22. The "While Doing it"-process part 1

1. Come and pull out the tooth.  2 Never! Go to a dentist!
3. Get dad! 4. He has to pull it out,
I really dont why, but I am very interested in the process of creating. Often this can be disturbing and annoying but it´s hard to get rid of these thoughts.
Some things when you do them you must be very focused otherwise there will be no result. When writing a story you must be in that story to be able to write.
But some things in creating has a more relaxed but still focused process, like inking and painting your artwork.
I might be right or wrong. I will present some ideas about the "While Doing it"-process in my next posts here. And It will be interesting to hear about how you think or if my ideas are just madness.

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