söndag 29 september 2013

6. The Line

A  comic has the storyline and the words that are told and spoken. But most it has images that are the base of a comic. In a textstory the pages look almost the same. You can have a different font and size and decide if you want to use more space between the words.

But with a graphic story the images sets the feeling of the story. And that can be done in so many ways. It starts from the way the character look to how you plan the panels. Yet it has to be readable. But you choose if you want to have a fast reading or if you want to slow it down. 

I have choosen to tell my mainstory with a thick and rough line. I use a brush and black ink. I really like to work the brush where you in one stroke can go from a thick to a thin line. But I can´t controll it 100 % so somtimes it goes the wrong way. But that´s also something i like. Sometimes things happens that I did not plan but I prefer to instead of undo ( I don´t do this digital ) I tries to make it work.  All these "mistakes" makes the image more alive I think.

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