tisdag 24 september 2013

1.The Start

Today I start this blog about my work on a graphic novel. It´s a project that has been with me for many years but Ihave had problems in getting the time to finish it. Now is the time to do it.
The graphic novel is based on a play by Henning Mankell. The english title of the play is "Bridge to the Stars".  The Swedish title is "Sanningen om den Samvetslöse mördaren Hasse Karlsson".

The comic is planned to be about 150 pages and to be finished in summer 2014.
In this blog I will show you how I work and what happens with the book. If it finds a publisher etc.
I will do my best to upload content almost every day.

I hope you want to follow me on this journey.

/ Mattias Gordon

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