torsdag 26 september 2013

3. Words

I also write stories of my own for other project ( animation, comics, books ) but now the words where all there from the start.

First I had to do a very rough plan for the story to see how long it could be. I was aiming for not more than 150 pages.

And when you start to study the script closely and get involved in the characters these words become their voices. And through these words you get to know all the characters. The story has a character who never speaks but he is around.

And you also realize that sometimes you need to have pause ( silent panels ) between the dialogue. And you also have to find out why they say these words and what they are doing. And if the power of the words works best with a close upp image or if you can use an extrem overview.

I wanted every word to be important. If not I could remove it.

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