torsdag 3 oktober 2013

10. Changing perspective

Is the cat or the boy the murderer?
The Maincharacter in this story is called Hasse. I guess that is a very Swedish name. In the title of the story it says that Hasse is a murderer.

In the image beside you see Hasse. But is it the boy or the cat? What do you think? The stories would be very different from each other.

In this case the story is already finished so I will not rewrite it. But changing perspective is a very good way of discover new things.
In writing a story the method is obvious but even if you are inking an image and have to decide what should be black or what should stay white you use "the other way" thinkin. The other way often gives you a surprise. sometimes you can use and sometimes not. But it opens a door to new ideas.

I use that "change perspective" often to find new ways. Anyone else who use that or have any other method?

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