torsdag 24 oktober 2013

15. A bad drawing for a good story?

Page 32 almost inked.
This is a scan of a half page 32 in progress. Most of the inking are done. But still some more to add. And then the bluegreen color.
In one way I am a perfectionist but in this case I try not to be. I want the images not be too finished. They should have something left for the reader to complete.
I also defends on how you want the reader to read the image. How much will this panel tell. Is it important information about the story or is it the speed of something that you don´ t really understand.

And somehow could a "bad"drawing work better for the story than a "good" drawing. I don´t know how I succeed in it but I really like to work with these small variations.
In the half page here beside an old lady is appearing while Hasse and his friend starts to fight.

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