fredag 11 oktober 2013

13. Road of reading

Page 37, sketch before inking.
When you work with film you work with images and the time. When you write a story you work word by word.
There are different ways of reading in all arts.

In comics you have the row of panels but also the lines of movement in the images. Well, it depends of course how you work but in this story I have decided to use a "fast flow" storytelling.

Here beside are the sketch of page 37 ( a right page ). ( This is how it looks like before I let my brush go to attack. ) I have drawn the "road of reading" with a red line,
The scene is like this.
First row:These guys have fooled an old lady and stolen her hat.
Second row: They get very happy about this. first two panels of laughing,. The third panel "the hat in the air" and the in the last panel, Hasse says "She thought I was dead."
The third row are only one panel. The plan is that you read all the text bubbles first, then see the car coming in, follow the road   back to the left and then you come back to the bridge ( where it all takes place ) and out of the page to turn to page 38.

That was my plan. I will show you when this page is inked.

Today I have a reading recommendation.
It´s called "Daybreak" by Brian Ralph. It´s published in 2011 by Drawn & Quarterly. It´s a zombie comic. I am mostly not so fund of zombie -stories but the interesting thing about this story is that the "I" in the story are the reading. So you never see that person, besides some hand now and then. Very nice storytelling and artwork.

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