torsdag 17 oktober 2013

14. Inside or Outside

"This is the revenge. we shall give her the fear!" he says.
"Which revenge?"Hasse answer.
I have been working on this projects for many years. Or rather I have planned to do it for many years. There was a problem to get "inside" the project because of not being able to spend so many hours  needed.
To get inside a story you often need some time to do the  transfer. Of course You could tell yourself to start doing the work even if you just had an hour to work  on it.
But to get inside and "feel" the characters you need to be there within the story.

But when you work you sometimes need to get outside of the story. To try to see it from a reader perspective. Forgetting you are the one who did this. Trying to behave like you never seen this comic before. To read it for the first time.

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