tisdag 1 oktober 2013

8. visual language

When the black outlines goes greenblue it´s a dreamworld.
When you work on a comic you have different levels of visual storytelling to deal with. One way is the style of the artwork. Often the artwork of the comic looks the same through the story. If it´s changing to much you might feel like it doesn´t belonged to each other. But you can work with small and bigger differences.

In my story I have one sketchy style in the beginning of the story because there is a short intro where someone remember something and then the story starts. Within the mainstory I have 3 different styles. That´s what I planning now. If they do not work I will have to change that.

First you have the mainstyle which you see on last days post. That´s the "now" in the story. The second style is when someone is dreaming and the third is when something is telling about something.

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