onsdag 2 oktober 2013

9.The Voice

"I"..."I was wrong"...."I told"..."you!"
Sound could maybe be the most difficult thing in comics. Not big sounds like explosions which you can transform into action in movement and sounds symbols.

But the voice of a character  are more difficult. I first had a plan to use different fonts to show how different people speak but at the moment I have changed my mind.

My plan now is to use same font. I made the font myself  based on my own handwriting. It still need to be fixed and made into a bold version but I think it will work.
You can use several things to set the voice of the character. You can have much space in the speakingbubble. You can put the bubble on different places. You can have an invisible bubble. In the image here the boy Hasse have problems to answer in a straight way.
You can use many different ways but still it has to be readable.

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